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After the years of bad eating habits during my teens had taken a toll on my body and started interfering with my work, I began experimenting with smoothies. Fruits at first and eventually  fruits and vegetables with exotic superfoods to top them off. After about 5 years of expirementing with various ingredients and recipes and a significantly noticeable improvement in my health, I created Smoov to share these healthy, delicious and convenient  blends with the go-getters around the world- to fuel and empower them- in hopes of inspiring them to keep going.

All in a format that is-

real:  all-natural ingredients- meaning just fruits, fruits & veggies and superfoods, nothing else.

simple: collection of blends broken down by ingredients that speak to everyone from those just getting into healthier eating to those with specific nutrition goals or those whom crave variety. Detox, immunity, energy, beauty, refresh, anti-stress and aging, feel good. Made with a simple purpose: To help you keep going.

convenient: Mix with water, milk, smoothies, oats. Bake with them, sprinkle over snacks or meals- the possibilities are endless. Get the nutrition of fresh produce with the convenience of supplements for at home or on-the-go.

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