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So our superfood blends have caught your attention!
But you have no clue where to start? Not to worry!

Below are a few blocks with problem scenarios mapped to the products that were made to solve those problems.

Click a block you can relate to and see which blend is your best match!

I don't eat enough vegetables

I get tired throughout the day šŸ˜«

show me all you got in one place šŸŒæāš”šŸŒˆšŸ«

I need to change my diet ASAP šŸ„—

I love cinnamon/ spiced flavours ā˜•

I enjoy chocolatey oatmeal šŸŖ

Want my smoothies to taste better šŸ„¤

I skip meals šŸš—

Want to nourish my skin āœØ

I want to be more regular 

I want to make my food colourful šŸŒˆ

I get sick often (fyi, I'm sick right now) šŸ¤’

I NEED to keep my cravings in checkšŸ˜ž

Looking for clean energy + focus šŸ˜°

I am totally addicted to chocolate šŸ«

I have a problem:
a sweet tooth šŸ¬

I want the best bang for my buck šŸ’ø

I want to maintain a healthier weight āš–ļø

Addicted to Coffee! Trying to cut down though ā˜•

my kids are fussy eaters

We will keep adding more, the more we hear from you!

You can always reach out to us for help at or contact us here