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Our belief is simple- Success is fueled by a healthy body and mind.

More often than not, we see some of the hardest working people neglect their own health and wellbeing in this pursuit. 

So we set out to create all-natural drink blends that are healthy, delicious and most importantly, convenient to make at home or on-the-go

Our offerings include something for everyone- from people looking to get into healthier eating all the way to those who have specific nutrition goals and crave variety.

We are on a mission to fuel and empower the go-getters, the movers and the shakers- or as we like to call them Smoovrs and in the process, we hope to inspire them to keep moving.

Lee W. Yu
Founder, Smoov Blends

Our story

Hi I'm Lee, founder of Smoov. Growing up in India, my diet consisted mainly of carbs and this carried over when my family and I immigrated to Canada. My parents both worked night shifts and so I had the freedom to eat whatever I wanted during the day. So I did what most teenagers on a budget and lack of knowledge about health & nutrition would do- I turned to junk food. It was instant noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner with potato chips for snacks and soda to wash it all down. This worked for me at the time as I hated the taste of vegetables and I could never get myself to eat more than a single piece of fruit. 

As time went on...

I went on to start my first company. It was a service based business which required me to be on the road all day long. This meant skipping meals or grabbing something quick to eat (usually fast food). I finally felt like the years of a poor diet had taken its toll on my body and started interfering with my work daily. So, I finally  took up on one of my friends' suggestion to try smoothies and began experimenting. It was the very basics- just fruits. It was great, the natural sugars gave me a boost of energy every morning. I then started experimenting further and realized that fruits actually masked the taste of the vegetables.

Great! Problem solved, no?

I would try my best to make one every morning before I hit the road, however there were days when I would just be short on time or too lazy to make one and clean up. Or some days when I would come to find out that the bananas have gone rotten or the kale has turned yellow. Some days I would just get tired of the same old recipe. And most importantly, I just wished I had one I could take on the road with me for later.

These were definitely problems I set out to solve for the sake of my own health & wellbeing

And now here we are, after over 5 years of experimenting with every imaginable ingredient and method possible and speaking to health & wellness professionals, I'd like to share with you all- a line of all-natural smoothie blends that are healthy, delicious and most importantly convenient to make- both at home and on-the-go.

I truly believe that using these smoothie blends have allowed me to live an active, healthy and 'feel-good' lifestyle- part of which involves keeping an open mind. Simply put, these blends keep me going. 



From locally sourced produce to our packaging and our products which help reduce household food waste right down to our reusable shakers.


We support local not-for-profit organizations through renting their facilities and using our blends to support their school lunch programs by providing healthy food & beverage options.