It's only for 5 days. Besides you can do it the easy way or the hard way

Green Blend Superfood Blend- 9 superfoods for weight loss, health, immunity

Need to seriously hit reset on your health and diet or just want to take on a challenge?

Then why pay over $100 for a juice cleanse when you have produce in the fridge, a blender on your counter and the most nutrient dense foods on the planet in one pouch?

Try the SMOOV ultimate detox smoothie challenge.

But be warned, it does have quite a green taste to it and is only for people that are REALLY SERIOUS about their health...

We are ofcourse just kidding and invite anyone to not only try this healthy concoction but also take on this challenge. Choose from one below:


You want to give it a go.

All you do is simply MAKE and drink this smoothie every morning or afternoon for 5 days without changing your diet.


You're all in, here's what you've got to do.

Use this smoothie to REPLACE one meal during the day with for 5 days. In other words, have this smoothie for breakfast, brunch or lunch. 


○ 1/2 cup fresh kale 🌿
○ 1 celery stalk 🥬
○ 1 cup fresh spinach 🍃
○ 1 apple 🍎
(smoov tip: Red or Green apples work- Green apples have fewer carbs + sugar)
○ 1 banana 🍌
○ 1/2 tsp grated ginger 🍠
○ 1 tbsp chia seeds 🌱
○ 1 tbsp lemon juice 🍋
○ 1 tsp green blend 🥄
(Adds 9 alkalizing + detoxifying superfoods without being noticed)
○ 1 tsp berry exotic blend 🥄
(Adds 8 natural antioxidant packed superfoods and a subtle berry flavour)
○ 1 cup oat or almond milk 🥛


1. Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender.
2. Blend for about a minute or two on high speed.
3. Pour into glass and chug or sip!

Life's too short to eat boring foods, but also not long enough to just eat junk. And if you think eating healthy is boring or hard, look again!

Our superfood blends are made with vibrant and functional superfoods- packed with nutrients making it the most satisfying way to eat healthy with just a spoonful! 

You are one click away from making fun & healthy creations with your family.
So... what's stopping you? SHOP BELOW


Ready for the summer!

I must say I'm soo happy with the results. Not only did these blends help me reach my goal weight, but I feel so much healthier all-round.

Lorena G.

Toronto, Canada

Truly enjoy the blends

They're super simple to use. Just a spoon into my smoothies or yogurt bowls. I love how healthy I feel after adding this to my daily routine!


Toronto, Canada

Amazing stuff!

These blends have been a serious value add to my life. I add them to my shakes in the mornings and evenings and it makes my day everyday!

Melanie J.

Toronto, Canada

Can see and feel the changes

Suppresses my appetite which helped improve my eating habits. I even woke up with a flat stomach and feel so good every morning, love it.

Fran R.

Alberta, Canada

I'd definitely recommend!

Gives you a nice little boost of energy and makes me feel light on my feet. I've also seen great skin benefits from consuming the green blend!

Michelle P.

Vancouver, Canada

Feel lighter and great!

Been using the detox bundle and the golden blend. I've really noticed the difference in a couple of days. I feel lighter and great!

Adrienne R.

Toronto, Canada

Bundle of fun!

These blends have absolutely elevated my smoothies in so many ways. They make my smoothies taste amazing!! and  improve their nutritional value. 

Sarah W.

Vancouver, Canada

I struggle with brain Fog & fatigue...

After using the blends, I feel a boost of energy throughout the day! Helps with bloating and decreases my urge to snack as much.

Lizzie G.

Toronto, Canada


Green Blend Superfood Blend- 9 superfoods for weight loss, health, immunity
Green Blend Superfood Blend- 9 superfoods for weight loss, health, immunity
Vibrant and Functional Superfood Blends - SMOOV.ca
Vibrant and Functional Superfood Blends - SMOOV.ca


SMOOV Green Blend - Vibrant and Functional Superfood Blends - SMOOV.ca

25 Servings of Nutrient-packed Greens to Help Cleanse Your Body

SMOOV Berry Exotic Blend - Vibrant and Functional Superfood Blends - SMOOV.ca

20 Servings of Antioxidant Rich Superfoods to Support Your Body's Detoxification

SMOOV Berry Exotic Blend - Vibrant and Functional Superfood Blends - SMOOV.ca

Superfood Blends + eBook with Nutritionist Created Meal Plans + More!




  • Gabriella Defusco Jul 23, 2020

    I can’t imagine starting my day 🌞without a smoov- blend!!!! I received my first health essentials bundle & fun bundle 2 weeks ago and I’m loving them 🥰 I care so much about my friends well being too I order some for their birthday. I will definitely be a life long customer 😀

  • cassandraJun 07, 2020

    🥳🥳 went the committed route and replaced my usual breakfast with this. It was hard the first day but my body got ised to it on the second day. I have an unbelievable amount of natural energy throughout the day and definitely shed a few lbs! Very happy with this recipe and the blends🥰

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