Superfood Detox Smoothie -

It's all about starting your day off right with this sweet green CLEANSING & ENERGIZING smoothie⚡

It has all essential nutrients and antioxidants needed to flush those toxins out, boost metabolism and fight bloat thanks to the 9 cleansing superfoods in our green blend. Kale gone yellow? Spinach turned to mush? Not a problem, add a spoonful and get your days energy and vitamins with this 😉. 


○ 1 cup frozen mango
○ 1 banana (Sweeter & cooler if frozen)
○ 1 tsp green blend
○ 1/2 cup water

○ 1 tsp golden blend for added immunity boost
○ 1 cup frozen pineapple for added refreshment and further sweeten the deal!


1. Place all ingredients in high-speed blender.
2. Blend for about a minute or two on high speed.
3. Pour into glass or bowl and top off with sliced fruit, granola, flax or chia seeds or coconut shreds- the options are endless

Enjoy and share this healthy delicious creation with a friend or family.

Life's too short to eat boring foods. And if you think eating healthy is boring, look again! Our superfood blends are made with vibrant and functional superfoods- packed with nutrients making it the most satisfying way to eat healthy. 

You are one click away from making fun & healthy creations with your family.
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